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deeg has always been about the arts. His room, when he had a room, was littered with junk he found, collected and arranged in deranged assemblage. Now, living in his fifth garage shed, it's the same story. Every inch is covered with art both young and old, completed or in process. All of life is art, to deeg. I mean, seriously, have you seen this site you are on?

This area needs a whole bunch of work to get images and descriptions into the links somehow, probably product pages. Haven't quite figgered that yet. Quiz Me in the meantime and I'll throw a pitch and offer your way.

Anyhoo, most of that art from forts long lost are gone except the treasure of a lifetime collector who lives to create and collect. Again, my stuff will seem overpriced and obscure due to sentiment and punkness. Negotiate a trade or deal likkity-split. Betcha' I'll talk you into it. You will NEVER find a website with such payment options!

Museum of Modern Art San Diego Fully Functional Hippo Pencil Sharpener $39.99
MCASD Alien ArtUSB Vinyl Figure Glows at Plug and Toy when Powered $79.99
Hand Painted Coconut Mask Sculpture with Crown and Whiskers and Eye Holes $239.99
Nicaraguan Rebel String Dolls from Protest Exhibition Giant Hammer at SDMCA $396.99
"Do The Right Thing" Urban Stencil Spray Painting from VOICE San Diego $299.99
Aaron Jasinski "I Wish I Could Eat Ice Cream" Original Oil Painting On Panel SOLD
Aaron Thomas "Remote Devil" Original Oil Painting On Boxed Panel $499.99
Amy Paul "North Park" Original Resin Print On Wood $399.99
Anna Cangialosi MTV Studios #9 Original Acrylic Painting on Wood Panel $379.99
Caia Koopman "Sibilation" Original Oil Painting from SubText Horror Show SOLD
deeg "Fur Painting" Framed Sun Bear Skin 1985 VINTAGE! $1,666.99
Edsy "Product" Original Mixed Media Collage Framed under Glass $122.99
Eric Wixon "You're Not So Tough" Spray and Pen Painting on Canvas $799.99
Franklin Bolster "Silver Lining" Acrylic Painting on Canvas $99.99
Gay Gabriel "Monkey Beat" Faded and Run Watercolor with Ink Framed Glass $199.99
Jasper Wong "Jeez Louise" Urban Porn Drawing Numbered Print GIFTED
Josh Taylor "Lost In The Woods" Original Oil Painting on Panel Boxed GIFTED
Jolby (Josh Kenyon & Colby Nichols) "Home Is Where You Make It" Box $289.99
June Kim "Kokoshi Dolls" from subText Gallery Collection Show in San Diego $579.99
Kelli Murray "Be Mine" Acrylic and Spray Paint on Panel GIFTED
Kelly Hutchison "A Smile Makes It Better" Original Darkvomit Print On Wood $189.99
Kelly Hutchison "The Propaganda Machine" Original Darkvomit Oil Painting SOLD
Kelly Hutchison "Here Kitty Kitty" Original Darkvomit Print On Wood $199.99
Kelly Hutchison "Super Chicken" Original Darkvomit Oil Painting SOLD
Kelly Hutchison "Bitchin' Chicken" Original Darkvomit Print On Wood $129.99
Kelly Vivanco "Flight" Print of Original Oil Painting Framed SOLD
Kelly Vivanco "Beachgirl" Original Oil Painting Framed $795.99
Kelly Vivanco "One To Be Planted" Original Oil Painting On Panel $1,189.99
Kim MacConnel "Pattern and Decoration" Original Doodlings by Master Artist GIFTED
Marcia Sterns "Man and his Dog" Her Last Known Original Oil Painting $1,589.99
Marcia Sterns "My Life In Reverse" Giant Canvas on Crazy Frame $1,969.99
Marcia Sterns "No Way Out" Original Oil Painting on Panel Carved Frame $1,799.99
Rifkah "The Man, Woman and Rabbi" Jewish Art Original Acrylic Painting $549.99
Peter King "Backside Coping Grind" Framed Photograph from Glue Network $282.99
Rob Padilla "The Wild One" Gicle by the Artist of Original Acrylic Painting $139.99
Robb Rael "The Day After" Mat Mounted Print on Paper from ArtWalk $39.99
Scott Saw 11" Monotone Purple 12x8 Print on Foam Core San Diego Urban Art $42.99
Tom Haubrick "The Long Goodbye" Original Haubs Ink Drawing Rolled in Tube GIFTED
Tom Haubrick "Wanderers" Original Haubs Ink Drawing Mounted on Wood $549.99
There are two basic ways to get something from deeg, both revolve around offers. For you rich types who understand that paying his price is, in fact, charity because he might eat that day, just hit the PayPal button to get'er done by indicating a price and the item desired. Listed prices are suggestions. Rejected offers will be negotiated or refunded. Otherwise, the "Trade" button will start the dealin' by eMail. His trades are street-styled, meaning there is lots of trust, flexibility and payment options like trading for your cool old stuff to mod and repurpose in deeg's store. Combine it with cash, even better. Need payments? Throw in a fat bud and it's settled! PayPal keeps it all somewhat safe financially, in concept.

All coding, graphics, prose and product mods by deeg, a punk-rock poolskatin' CA frum Ger.
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