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When deeg was little, he always had a book in his back pocket. He'd shrug when his mom asked if he heard her calling him, when he did without answering. He hid behind and within books (Louie L'Amour!) at family gatherings and later with his own kids. He would move cross-country, twice, with a small bag of possessions and boxes of books. Bookish, deeg is.

This area needs a whole bunch of work to get images and descriptions into the links somehow, probably product pages. Haven't quite figgered that yet. Quiz Me in the meantime and I'll throw a pitch and offer your way.

Anyhoo, most of the books are gone except the treasure of a lifetime collector who consumes books like air. Again, my stuff will seem overpriced and obscure due to sentiment and punkness. Negotiate a trade or deal likkity-split. Betcha' I'll talk you into it. You will NEVER find a website with such payment options!

Annapurna First Edition Book By Mountaineering Legend Maurice Hertzog $152.99
Treasure Island Illustrated Edition Robert Lewis Stevenson and Ralph Steadman $224.99
Go Now Set both Book and Audio CD by Richard Hell Schribner Codex 1995 $143.99
Animated Painting Art Show Curated Catalog & CD Artist Autographed SDMA 2007 $69.99
Drawing from Four Decades by Mel Boucher MCASD Exhibition Catalog 2007 $36.99
HUMAN NATURE Artists Respond to Changing Planet MCASD Installation $62.99
Selections from Permanent Collection of San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art $29.99
Signs of the Times ZEICHEN DER ZEIT David Carson Die Neue Sammlung Munich $369.99
The Evolutionary Cul-de-Sac Museum Exhibition Catalog Art Jean Lowe MCASD $118.99
The Graphic Imperative Poster Book Peace Social Justice & Environment $74.99
Seeing Is Deceiving with Emily The Strange by Rob Reger Chronicle Books $39.99
Crack Hotel a Novella by Michael Hemmingson Permeable Press First Edition $127.99
Godlike A Novel by New York Poet Richard Hell Richard Hell Akashic Books $43.99
Hot And Cold Essays Poems Lyrics Art and Fiction Signed by Richard Hell 2001 $97.99
Maus I and II Boxed Slipcase Set Art Spiegelman Pantheon Books Edition 1986 SOLD
Pulp Charles Bukowski Ecco Edition 2002 SOLD
School Spirit by Pierre Huyghe and Douglas Coupland Encounters Books 2003 $39.99
Tami Knight Returns Cartoons Fer Climberz Menasha Ridge Press First Edition 1993 $179.99
The Voidoid A Novel by 1975 New York Poet Richard Hell Codex Books 1996 $143.99
A Climber's Passion Jim Bridwell Climbing Adventures ICS Books 1992 $126.99
Best of Boulder Climbs Rock Climbing Guidebook for Colorado $17.99
Climbing Everest by Pat Ament Ragged Mountain Press 2001 $28.99
CAMP 4 Recollections of a Yosemite Climber Steve Roper The Mountaineers 2004 $38.99
CLIMB Rock Climbing Colorado Bob Godfrey Dudley Chelton Alpine Publishing $34.99
Climbing Ice Classic First Edition by Yvon Chouinard 1978 Sierra Club Books $74.99
Climbing Mishaps & Near Death Experiences John Long with Tami Knight $32.99
Downward Bound Mad Guide to Rock Climbing Warren Harding Autographed $224.99
EVEREST The Ultimate Hump Cartoons by Tami Knight Menasha Ridge Books $82.99
Gentle Wilderness The Sierra Nevada John Muir & Richard Kauffman Promontory $57.99
Graphic Pros Design Essentials Vintage Photoshop and Illustrator 1992 Mac OS 7 SOLD
Graphic Wit The Art of Humor in Design Steven Heller Gail Anderson Watson 1991 $34.99
High Infatuation Climbers Guide: Love and Gravity Steph Davis Autographed $46.99
Long On Adventure Travel Stories by John Long Falcon Books 2000 $34.99
Many People Come Looking Looking Himalaya Galen Rowell The Mountaineers SOLD
Mountain Light by Galen Rowell Sierra Club Books 1986 Hardcover First Edition $57.99
Ogilvy on Advertising By David Ogilvy Paperback First Vintage Books $25.99
Pete Takeda's Wicked Book Tales of Climbing Madness by Pete Takeda $24.99
Rock Jocks, Wall Rats and Hang Dogs John Long Climbing Tales Fireside Books $27.99
The Book of Shrigley (English Edition) by Artist David Shrigley Chronicle $57.99
The Toilet Paper Columns by Richard Hell Staple Hand Bound Cuz Edition $116.99
The Yosemite by John Muir words & Galen Rowell photos Yosemite Association $74.99
Yosemite Climbing Alexander Huber Heinz Zak Menasha Ridge Press Hardcover $112.99
Coloring Web Graphics by Lynda Weinman Definitive Resource Internet Art $49.99
Crypto By Stephen Levy Nonfiction Book on History of Encryption $12.99
New Media Art in the Age of Digital Distribution Mark Tribe & Reena Jana $27.99
Web Publisher Graphics Toolkit Lynda Weinman Web Graphics Resource Library $89.99
CHUMASH RASHI SET Pocket Size Hebrew With Onkolus And Shabbat Siddur $52.99
Kitzur Shulchan Aruch Hashalem with Menukad $17.99
Machzor Rabah Yom Tov Set Pesach Shavuot and Sukkot $68.99
Rosh Hashanah Machzor Nusach Ashkenaz Hebrew Only $15.99
Siddur Chinuch Chaim Shlomo Hashalem Artscroll $22.99
Siddur Sucat David Sephardic Hebrew Illustrated Cover $18.99
Macintosh User's Guide Quadra Computer Apple OS System 7 1993 RARE! $49.99
BLANK GENERATION The Birth of Punk VHS Documentary Live CBGB 1976 $259.99
Climber's Guide to the Midwest's Metamorphic Forms Marcus Floyd 1998 $17.99
Colorado Bouldering Phillip Benningfield Sharp End Publishing 1999 $17.99
Fontainebleau Climbs The Finest Bouldering And Circuits Arthaud 1999 $64.99
Sport Crags Of The East Steve Cater 1994 First Edition Climbing Guide $24.99
The Rock Climbing Guide to Europe by David Jones Rockclimbing Guidebook $44.99
Doonesbury Dossier The Reagan Years G.B. Trudeau First Edition Paperback $29.99
DOONESBURY Talkin' About My G-G-Generation G.B. Trudeau First Edition $37.99
Precursor Numbered 127 of 300 Signed Bill Sienkiewicz Hermes Press 2002 $249.99
USEFUL KNOTS And How To Tie Them by Plymouth Cordage Company 1946 $29.99
California Free Former World Professional Skateboard Championship Event Program $197.99
ALEC Three Piece Suit Eddie Campbell Top Shelf Comics 2001 $28.99
CONCRETE Complete Short Stories 1986-1989 Paul Chadwick Dark Horse $36.99
Family Matters Graphic Novel by Will Eisner Kitchen Sink Press 1998 $39.99
Local Oversize Hardback Edition Graphic Novel Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly $54.99
Louis Riel Comic Strip Biography Chester Brown Drawn & Quarterly 2007 $27.99
LOVE AND ROCKETS Heartbreak Soup Signed Gilbert Hernandez First Edition 2007 SOLD
The New York Four Graphic Novel Brian Wood & Ryan Kelly Minx Books 2008 $29.99
THE PLOT Secret Story of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion by Will Eisner 2005 SOLD
Violent Cases Graphic Novel Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean Tundra Publishing 1991 $39.99
Wilson by Culture Genius Daniel Clowes Drawn And Quarterly 2010 $131.99
WOLF & BYRD Counselors of the Macabre Batton Lash Supernatural Law $27.99
SHRED 4-Story Skateboard Comic Zine Ted McKeever Cover Premiere Issue 1989 $69.99
Testicle Head Pint Size Signed by Artist LEE 1980's Comic San Diego Punk $189.99
The Tell Tale Heart Edgar Allen Poe, Daryl & Josef Hutchinson Fantagraphics 1988 $24.99
There are two basic ways to get something from deeg, both revolve around offers. For you rich types who understand that paying his price is, in fact, charity because he might eat that day, just hit the PayPal button to get'er done by indicating a price and the item desired. Listed prices are suggestions. Rejected offers will be negotiated or refunded. Otherwise, the "Trade" button will start the dealin' by eMail. His trades are street-styled, meaning there is lots of trust, flexibility and payment options like trading for your cool old stuff to mod and repurpose in deeg's store. Combine it with cash, even better. Need payments? Throw in a fat bud and it's settled! PayPal keeps it all somewhat safe financially, in concept.

All coding, graphics, prose and product mods by deeg, a punk-rock poolskatin' CA frum Ger.
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