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deeg was a rabid collector of comics and art books. Now, that stuff is just sitting in boxes getting valuable. Never one for pop culture or super-anything, what remains of his vast collection consists of his favorite Alternative and Underground comics of a worldly, mildly pornographic variety. The site will offer issues sorted by Author, Series and Number. The authors and series are listed below. Click their name and their work will appear like magic.

This area needs a whole bunch of work to get images and descriptions into the links somehow, probably product pages. Haven't quite figgered that yet. Quiz Me in the meantime and I'll throw a pitch and offer your way.

Ain't That pretty? Now, SPEND MONEY or START TRADING!

There are two basic ways to get something from deeg, both revolve around offers. For you rich types who understand that paying his price is, in fact, charity because he might eat that day, just hit the PayPal button to get'er done by indicating a price and the item desired. Listed prices are suggestions. Rejected offers will be negotiated or refunded. Otherwise, the "Trade" button will start the dealin' by eMail. His trades are street-styled, meaning there is lots of trust, flexibility and payment options like trading for your cool old stuff to mod and repurpose in deeg's store. Combine it with cash, even better. Need payments? Throw in a fat bud and it's settled! PayPal keeps it all somewhat safe financially, in concept.

All coding, graphics, prose and product mods by deeg, a punk-rock poolskatin' CA frum Ger.
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