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Grandpa taught him how to use tools. Dad taught him to be hardcore. Punk taught him how to create. A lifetime Maker, Trader and Collector, deeg has piles of cool stuff and is sick of carting it about in his travels. Twice, he lost 90% moving cross-country. The remaining tenth of a tenth is the cream of the crop and going fast to barter and eBay, so if you see something you like, you better get it right then.
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There are two basic ways to get something from deeg. For you rich types who understand that paying his price is, in fact, charity because he might eat that day, just hit the PayPal button to get'er done. Otherwise, the "Trade" button will start the dealin' by eMail. His trades are street-styled, meaning there is lots of trust, flexibility and payment options like trading for your cool old stuff to mod and repurpose in deeg's store. Combine it with cash, even better. Need payments? Throw in a fat bud and it's settled! PayPal keeps it all somewhat safe financially, in concept.

Everything on this site is either some kind of punked-out mod of a stock item, a weird collector piece of vinyl, paper or art you never heard of, technical outdoor gear, or some old sentimental thing I've been carrying around forever. Everything is expensive and of the highest quality super-rare or totally unique hand-crafted mod or creation. I'll sell your stuff, especially if it is Steampunk. I love that shit.

The art throughout the site is from the 80's zine series "Fear of..." deeg xeroxed after-hours at work and traded for beer and stuff at shows. See the link at left to see a digital version of this classic political satire and music comic. This site was hand-coded in HTML1 cuz that's the way deeg learned it back in '91 and he's old-school like that and could care less if it looks good on your device, as long as it plays nice with his white iMac and Linux running Dillo.

All coding, graphics, prose and product mods by deeg, a punk-rock poolskatin' CA frum Ger.
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